How to apply

Criteria for eligibility

Applicants from organisations and individuals must be UK-based.

We seek to support visual artists (specifically painting and drawing) and musicians of the very highest calibre to ensure that they have every opportunity to establish successful careers in their chosen fields once they have moved on from the relative security of education (ie after undergraduate and postgraduate study). Although not exclusively, the Trust has a particular interest in providing support and opportunities for emerging artists and musicians who come from the north west of England (this is not a criterion for applications).

Please note that we do not accept applications from individuals for the costs of undergraduate or postgraduate study.

Applications must demonstrate financial need as well as responsible governance.


The trustees meet twice a year, in November to discuss prospective applications for grants and then  again in May/June to make decisions about allocation of funds.  Successful applicants can expect to receive their grant in June/July.  Our available funds are limited and so we are not always able to help in every case.

Please describe your project in full and attach all supporting documents, including a clear budget and appropriate testimonials.

Email it to us at